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Notebook or Laptop..

True mobility requires the ideal Notebook or Laptop, choose from one of the range of Laptops, which are all preconfigured and fine-tuned to your specific application requirements. Choosing a portable Laptop that has the correct software, remote access, wireless and Internet configuration can be daunting, so let recommend and configure a device to suits your needs.



3G High Speed Wireless Broadband

If you are using your mobile device on the Road or are constantly on the move recommends that you utilise or 3G Broadband Services. The Managed 3G Broadband Services will provide you with high speed remote access, to the your Office Network and the Internet.


IP Security

At we recommend the connection of remote users, utilising Cisco's Secure Remote Access VPN Services, and can spec both hardware and Software based connectivity solutions depending on your mobile user requirements. The Service utilises encrypted tunnels for secure access to your office network.


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